Google Classroom for the Connected Teacher

Course canceled due to low registration

Google Classroom serves as a hub for the teacher-student exchange of work. By learning to use this resource, teachers can better manage the many different pieces of work they create and students turn in. This course will focus on the use of Google Classroom to help manage the steady flow of work moving between teacher and student. We will explore the different ways teachers can create a digital environment by using Google Classroom as a hub to connect resources with students. Participants will have an opportunity to explore all aspects of Google Classroom and will also create their own classes, adding many different types of student resources. 

The goal of this course is to promote the use of these tools that help promote success for teachers, and most importantly students. This course is designed to transform the traditional learning environment beyond the classroom walls. The course will consist of online modules based on topic. Participants will be engaged in learning about the many different aspects of Google Classroom and how they can be implemented within their school.  Participants taking the course for credit will be required to complete all modules. This course is intended for multiple audiences.

Course Outline

This is a self-paced course with three modules you can proceed through at your own pace. Each module will consist of reading materials, videos, additional support materials and a series of activities to build your skill set and provide you with an opportunity to apply the newly acquired skill to your own personal classroom setting. Building a skill set first and then applying that skill set to an authentic environment is shown to create a better understanding of how a tool can be used more effectively on a personal level by teachers and students. You are welcome to complete each module at any time during the course.

I will conduct a Google Hangout as needed to cover any questions and or problems that arise throughout the course. Additional support will be provided to individuals within the class via a discussion board, emails, a hangout, or even a phone call if necessary.

Course Details

Course Cost: $129

Credit Fee: An additional cost of $150 for 1 Graduate Credit through MSU-N (paperwork will be emailed after registration)

OPI Certification Credit: 15 (no additional cost)

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Course Dates: June 15, 2018 – August 8, 2018

Registration closes June 30, 2018

Course Facilitator

Jeff Crews


Course canceled due to low registration