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Professional Development

Technology is ever changing and in order for teachers to truly embrace its effectiveness, they must know what technology is available, how to use it and how they might be able to use it as a teaching and/or learning tool. In order for this to happen, teachers need effective professional development opportunities. This can only happen if the following needs are met:

  • Time: teachers need an extended time period to explore and learn technology.
  • Hands-on learning: teachers need to have the opportunity to explore technology, create products and experiment prior to implementing a tool into their curriculum.
  • Sustained training: follow up, reflection and collaboration are key components to technology professional development. Teachers need an opportunity for guided instruction, exploratory time, implementation and follow up with either other colleagues, an integration specialist or both.

Below is a list of some of our online courses. Click on the course banner to find out more.


Google Infused Classroom


 Courses coming soon…

Google Classroom for the Connected Teacher

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Taming Your Workflow with Google Gmail, Contacts and Calendar