Google Earth Resources

Below are several Google Earth resources you may find valuable when integrating this technology into your classroom. There are many general resources to explore as well as a listing of resources for several of the content areas. Don’t forget to view the presentation below to get a general overview of geospatial technologies and how they impact our lives on a daily basis.

Google Earth Support Materials


Below are several resources you may find helpful while using Google Earth in the classroom.

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Support Documents and Video Tutorials
GE-Globe-Graphic-small Google Earth Help Files – Several manuals including keyboard and mouse shortcuts, along with the official Google Earth Users Guide
Google Earth Video Tutorials – A link to several short animated video tutorials highlighting the basics skills associated with using Google Earth
Google Earth Links – A listing of Google Earth sites that are desinged to provide help in using Google Earth
Google Earth Files (KML/KMZ)
SpatialSci KML/KMZ Library – A listing of Google Earth files that can be downloaded from our site.GE-Globe-Graphic-smallGoogle Earth Gallery – A Google sponsored site with lots of great KML/KMZ files to explore.Google Earth Hacks – Tons of files that can be downloaded into Google EarthKMZ Links – Links to spectacular satellite images from around the world, via Google Earth.Census Data in Google Earth – All types of demographic data in Google Earth format.Google Search Engine – A great way to find Google Earth files.

Google Earth Across the Curriculum

GE-Globe-Graphic-small Science


Language Arts

Social Studies

  • KML Factbook – An extensive site of current world demographic data that can be downloaded into Google Earth.
  • Westward Expansion
    • Lewis and Clark – A file outlining the trip taken by Lewis and Clark along with supporting documentation.
    • Oregon Trail – A file showing the route traveled by many settlers of the early west.
  • Wars
    • Civil War – Several files relevant to the many battles of the civil war.
    • World War II– This file puts all of teh battles of WWII on the earth.
  • Historical Places
    • Community Mapping
    • Elder Interviews
  • Virtual Autobiography
Health and Human Performance

  • Geocaching – A site to begin your geocacing journey
Foreign Language

  • Virtual Study Abroad
Other Curriculum Related Sites

  • PlaceNames – This curriculum focuses on building cross-cultural relationships between traditional Bitterroot Salish ~ Pend d’Oreille worldviews.
  • Cyber-Enabled Earth Exploration (CE3) – An Earth Science Curriculum focused on using Google Earth to discover Earth processes.
  • GE Lessons – A great site with tons of resources for using Google Earth in K-12 education.
  • One World, Many Stories – Choose a story and begin your journey.
Other Ideas for Using Google Earth in the Classroom
GE-Globe-Graphic-small GPS and Google Earth – A Teacher How-To book for using Google Earth and GPS
Sketch Up – A 3D software tool that combines a tool-set with an intelligent drawing system. Providing a way for users to place 3D models within Google Earth.
Mars, Moon, and Sky – Check out the different views with Google Earth simply by clicking on the planet icon in the toolbar
Google Flight Simulator – Check out the embedded flight simulator which can be found under the tools menu.
The Milk Truck – Drive a milk truck across the surface of the Earth
Geo Greeting – A new way to send a greeting and practice those spelling words.
Flat Stanley and Google Earth – A new twist on the Flat Stanley activity.