Frequently Asked Questions


I am look for a projector for my school. What would you recommend?

I did some research on projectors this morning and thought I’d share what I found. The latest models fall into the LCD or DLP category.  The more you pay the better the quality of picture and functionality.  I tend to look at the specs and think about what I want to use it for in the next three to five years.  With that in mind I like to have the lumen value above 2000 and preferably over 2500.  That way you can use it in all environments. I also look to see if it has an HDMI input.  This allows for connectivity to a blu-ray player or a newer computer.  The HDMI is going to give you the best picture out of your computer, so if you have an HDMI port that is how you will want to hook it up.  
The next thing I look for is resolution.  WXGA provides the best resolution out of your VGA port (within the $500 – $750 price range).  If you have ever hooked up your computer to a projector and had it increase the size of you desktop so that your icons are huge and you can’t see your presentation or document, this is why you need a high resolution, more space for your desktop.
You may also want to consider how many devices you have to hook up at one time.  If you have multiple devices that will be hooked up (computer, DVD player, Apple TV) then you will want to make sure there is more than one of each port on the back of the projector.  Again, this increases cost.
I am not sure what your room arrangements are, but I don’t prefer the short throw projectors. This is more my preference than anything.  The short throw projectors (close to the screen) don’t seem have as crisp an image as the standard throw projectors.
The issue is that there are hundreds of projectors. Just to give you an idea, TigerDirect list 54 HDMI projectors (  So, here are a couple you may want to look at.
List in no particular order:


Given all of the information above and the reviews on Amazon, I think any of the four would be good and would do what you needed.  I would probably go with the Optoma because I’ve had mine for several years and haven’t had any issues.