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At Beyond the Chalk we feel the need to share our experiences and thoughts with our colleagues. This blog will serve as our sounding board where we will post our ideas, thoughts, and sometimes strong opinions. We also have a website where we house all of our training resources and workshop announcements. If you find one of our posts interesting and want to follow up or find more information we will try and link to our main site where you will be able to access presentations, links, and sample lessons. If neglect to include a link, just leave us a comment and we will follow up with you and get you the information you requested. To check out our main site click on the link below:

Beyond the Chalk

Welcome to our Blog!

Beyond the Chalk was co-founded by two educators who believe in the power of education and the need to continuously provide transformational learning experiences for our teachers and students. We feel technology, when used effectively as a tool by teachers and students, can facilitate the change from the traditional form of education to a 21st century paradigm. Beyond the Chalk is committed to providing a set of rich and diverse professional development experiences for all educators. These experiences focus on the integration of technology across grade levels, content domains, and skills levels. We offer trainings around the state and provide school-based professional development as well.