Disp Recorder – iOS Screen Capture

Today I found time to work with an iPad app called Disp Recorder. Disp Recorder records your iOS devices screen in real-time. This is a great app for those of you looking for ways create tutorials on the iPad and iPhone in order to help students and teachers navigate the iOS interface. Once you start Disp Recorder you are able to launch different apps, work within them and all the while your screen movements are being captured. You can do voice narration as you go, so you are able to talk users through each step while they watch the screen movements. Once you have finished the recording, you can upload it to YouTube, save it on your local device, or even open in several other apps. For those of you looking for ways to put together video tutorials for an iOS device, this is a great solution. You can find it on the App store here.

There was an earlier version of this app that had some crashing issues; some of you may have even tried it out, but it seems the developers have worked out the bugs. There are some reviews indicating it lags a bit when recording processor intensive apps (games), but I had no problems with lag. One piece of advice I will give, make sure you don’t put your hand over the microphone or move your hand over the mic during the recording. You will end up with a lot of static and noise in your recording and will likely have to do it over. Check it out

and send us a link to any videos you create (Facebook or comments section).

I have created a short video to demonstrate how the apps works and you can access it her on our YouTube Channel.


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